Stratocumulus Undulatus

This photo of stratocumulus undulatus produced an interesting blurred effect between the individual cloudlets.

What You Need to Know:

Name(s): Stratocumulus undulatus

Common Altitudes of Formation: 600m to 2000m (2,000 to 6,500ft)

Signals: They form with a greyish colour, in winter they may result in a light snow (in colder areas)  and in any other season, some drizzle.

Meaning of the Name: stratus- meaning flattened layer or spread out and cumulus– meaning massed or heaped; undulatus– wavelike ripples

Elaborated, More Comprehensive Information:

After fog has formed and the warm air causes the fog to rise but not disperse, or when their is an occluded front, stratocumulus undulatus can form. The cloud also appears when a warm front is moving in and air pressure falling, or during calm weather without big change of temperature. Their also needs to be varying wind speeds

Stratocumulus undulatus clouds tend to have gaps between cloudlets and are in the pattern of ripples or waves


Stratocumulus Undulatus- A common cloud in Christchurch



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