Cirrostratus Sunrise

The recent school holidays brought me a well-due change of scenery to relax before a jam-packed term. As I had hoped, with this change of scenery came a slightly different (but still just as interesting!) set of cloud landscapes and weather patterns. I captured this sunrise in Petaling Jaya, a town residing within the Selangor state of Malaysia, neighbouring the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

The bright orange sunrise comprising of altocumulus, cumulus and stratocumulus cloud formations preceded unpredictable whether, as typical during the April season. The precipitation of rain was heavy and occured suddenly in the afternoon. This was a trend for much of the time I spent in the city, which made the unpredictability a little more predictable!

The vivid colours of the sun’s rays were layered by threads of arbitrary grey, though as usual, the view was fleeting and replaced by a blank sky in no time – it seemed fitting, a bustling city with bustling clouds! Whilst I was enjoying the warmth of Malaysia, my friends back home were baring the face of an early winter. Definitely wasn’t not too sure if I wanted to leave just yet!



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