Asperitas for Day 14

With the sky reverting back to it’s doom and gloom displays of not much more than grey clouds bearing downpours of rain, I’ve chosen to avoid posting a photo of today’s skies for day fourteen, especially seeing as they were very similar to days eleven and twelve!

Instead I’ve opted for a display of the asperitas cloud, which was introduced into the WMO International Cloud Atlas this year. I took this photo at Disney World in the US (mid-2016) just before an onset of rain, which I thought seemed fitting with the grey doom and gloom theme that has been rolling over Christchurch these past few days!

I remember being amazed by the layered appearance with its smooth undulations and it still amazes me now! It just goes to show that even a grey cloud can look stunning!

That’s a day fourteen throw back complete!


2 thoughts on “Asperitas for Day 14

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