Michigan Marvels

A while ago I was so lucky enough to spend some time at Michigan State University to represent and compete for New Zealand at the Future Problem Solving International Conference.

Amongst all of the conference buzz, there were definitely some incredible clouds about. There were packs of altocumulus cloudlets spotted from the airplane travelling from Chicago to Lansing, matched by striking views from the Michigan State University campus. Whereever we went we were met with greenery, beautiful scenery and with views like that, it comes as no surprise that Michigan is known as “The Great Lake State”.

Clouds aside, I also picked up a love for the yellow school buses, a far cry from the Metro buses here in Christchurch! The athletics tracks, perfect running spaces and interesting historical rocks, statues and other gems made the location nothing short of perfect.

And even though it’s been a while, the photos still feel so fresh and memories fresher. Reflecting on an unforgettable trip like this is like watching the reflections of the Great Lakes – pristine, serene, timeless!


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